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The Obolensky Hotel — a new hotel with a unique concept in the historic centre of St. Petersburg. Travellers are invited to avail themselves of our cosy designer rooms, spacious halls, a restaurant and a bar with a creative atmosphere. Stay with us and feel like you are part of the captivating and powerful history.
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A Challenge
to the Routine Comes from 1825
We were inspired by the strong character of the Decembrists: their nobleness, devotion to the idea and progressiveness. Like the Russian 19th century elite, we combined innovations with respect for traditions and brought revolution among city hotels. The surname of Yevgeny Obolensky, one of the leaders of the movement, became the name of the Obolensky Hotel.
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Об отеле
The Harmony of Opposites in Design
Our hotel is a place where elegant Neoclassicism, challenging design solutions and technologies of the future blend together. You will find references to the events of 1825 in various interior decoration details: from exquisite antique furniture to grotesque portraits of the Decembrists.
SINCE 2022
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Union of Sustainability
and Beauty
We care about hotel guests and about ecology. With that in mind, we used natural materials to create and decorate our guest rooms. Designers accentuated the natural beauty of wood, granite, marble and cotton by playing with colours, forms and light. Besides, we’ve done away with disposable plastic bottles and our deluxe toiletries now come in refillable dispensers.
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Об отеле
of St.Petersburg
On the Obolensky hotel roof, there is a terrace offering views of the Summer Garden, Engineers Castle and Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design. In summer, a bar by L’eclat restaurant is open on the terrace. There, you can relish seasonal specialties from L’eclat – signature cocktails, gourmet hors d'oeuvres and desserts. Special atmosphere reigns on the terrace in the evening, so come, have a glass of wine with friends or alone with yourself and admire a colourful sunset or watch motorboats passing by on the Fontanka river. In other seasons you can enjoy a panoramic view of St. Petersburg covered in golden leaves in autumn or hidden under a blanket of snow in winter.
Terrace opening hours depend on weather conditions and are subject to change.
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Об отеле
A Place That Breathes History
Our hotel is situated in a quiet Pestelya Street, and that means that the noise of a big city won’t disturb your rest. At the same time, just a 15-minute walk will get you to Nevsky Prospect. Cross the bridge from St. Panteleimon Church to the Summer Garden where Alexander Pushkin liked to walk. Admire Petersburg sunset while standing on the granite embankment of the Fontanka river, where the Decembrist revolt started in 1825. Watch the bridges going up, get immersed in city legends and then return to the comforts of the Obolensky Hotel.
SINCE 1703
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Hotel Obolensky